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EXCETEK, the leading manufacturer of wire cutting machine, established in 2006 specializing in various series of wire cutting EDM machines(Electrical Discharge Machining). We insist to provide only the best EDM machines and related accessories to our clients around the world, and we have also earned well reputations by high quality wire cut machines we manufactured. For more specification, please browse the product list below and feel free to contact us, the superior EDM machine manufacturers to get more wire cutting machines and electro discharge machining

CNC Tel Erezyon Tezgahları

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Dalma Erezyon Tezgahları

The die sinking EDM series are divided into CNC die sinking machines and ZNC die sinking machines, both series feature high quality and high efficiency. The EDM process becomes a common method of making prototype and production parts, especially in the aerospace, automobile and electronics industries. We believe that EXCETEK is your best choice of die sinking EDM manufacturer. Welcome to contact us for more specifications.

CNC Dalma Erezyon Tezgahları
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Delik Delme Tezgahları

EXCETEK has manufactured small hole drilling EDM since 2006, the hole drillings have CNC series and for general purpose series. As a leading drilling machine manufacturer, we have a strong R&D team to keep improving our products to meet the highest standard of our clients. You can find more full specifications of hole drillings by check the product category below. And if you are interested in our small hole drillings, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to corporate with you.